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Local Lodge 847 Monthly Meeting will be held on

Sunday April 14, 2024
The meeting will begin at 6 PM
Regular order of Bussiness

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Congratulations to all of today’s retirees. Pictured below are seated, from the left, Joseph Rebar, Walter Zieminski, Beverly Holland, and Richard Ubaldini. Standing, from the left, George Schwartz, Mark Kasulaitis, James Hoinsky and James Pearson. Not pictured also retiring are Michael Cicio, Joseph Dranchak, Gordon Dando, Paul Czarkowski and John Rooney. Have a safe, happy and healthy retirement. Congratulations 🎉

If you are called into a meeting with a management representative and you have reason to believe that disciplinary action against you or other member’s may result, you have the right to have a steward present during this meeting. Read the statement below to the management representative, and contact your steward immediately.


“If this discussion could in any way lead to my being disciplined
or terminated,
or affect my personal working conditions,
I request that my union representative,
officer, or steward be
present at the meeting. Without representation, I choose not

to answer any question.”

“This is my right under a U.S. Supreme Court decision
called Weingarten Rights.”

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