IAM&AW Local Lodge 847

Serving the Active, Laid-Off, and Retired Members of LL 847

Why Join The I.A.M?

The I.A.M. Advantage:


The International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers was founded over a century ago in Atlanta, Georgia as a union of skilled mechanics on the railroads. Today, the IAM represents workers across the fifty United States, its territories, and Canada in a wide range of trades and occupations. Our union is well known for its leadership in the aerospace and air transportation sectors, but the IAM has a strong presence across the industrial spectrum from manufacturing to automotive service to government.


IAM members enjoy industry-leading wages in every sector where we represent workers. Last year, the average IAM member received a general wage increase of 3.5%. That’s well above the average wage increases bargained in the manufacturing sector in either the U.S. or Canada.

Paid Time Off

Beyond the financial benefits of better pay and fringe benefits, almost all IAM contracts provide other benefits, such as paid vacations, paid holidays and extra pay for overtime. Moreover, IAM workers enjoy significantly more paid leave time than workers without a collective bargaining agreement. For example, the number of paid holidays in small firms is just 7.6 days, in large firms, the average is 9.3 days. But under IAM contracts, the average number of paid holidays is 11.2.

Job Security

Most non-union employees don’t know that they check many of their rights at the office door or at the factory gate. Generally speaking, unless you work under a collective bargaining agreement, you are an “at-will” employee. That means you could be fired at any time for any reason – or even for no reason at all. Joining the IAM means you’ll work under a contract with an enforceable grievance process, protecting you from unjust discharge.


IAM members enjoy top-notch retirement benefits, whether through collectively-bargained employer-sponsored plans, or through IAM-sponsored plans like the IAM National Pension Plan.

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